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Foiled Print and Cut Sentiments

Hi! So glad you popped by for today’s post which includes a free file to download for personal use. You can use this file to create lots of foiled print and cut sentiments! As you probably can tell, I like to add foil detail to my projects. I cannot tell you how fun it is when you remove the foil to reveal the finished look and I love finding more ways to incorporate it into projects. Today, I am combining the Print and Cut feature of Silhouette America with hot foiling.

It is important to note you will need to print the file out in toner in order for the foil to adhere to the sentiments. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a toner printer at home there is a solution! Print out the file as directed below, with the print cut registration marks attached, on your normal printer. Then photocopy this at a local office/stationary store. As photocopies use toner ink, then you will be able to foil a photocopy of your design as long as you have included the registration mark on your initial print out. You can then hot foil the sentiments and use the cut feature on your Cameo.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to foil the sentiments you can print out the sentiments in various colours and cut these out, leaving out the foiling step.

Materials required

Foiled Die cut sentiments:

  • Toner printer or access to a photocopier.
  • Silhouette Cameo and studio software
  • Smooth white coated card.
  • Vellum
  • Heat reactive foil – this project uses: Heidi Swapp – Teal, Light Pink and Mint foils. Decoart – Rose Gold, Gold and Silver foils.
  • Minc Machine or Laminator

Card Project:

  • A2 (5″1/2 x 4″1/4) Portrait cardbase
  • Mirrored gold card
  • Black and white patterned card
  • Circle Die and Die cutting machine (I use a Sizzix Big Shot Plus) – alternatively, draw a circle in pencil and cut out with scissors.
  • Acetate
  • Foiled Sentiment Die cut
  • Quickie Glue Pen
  • Sequins – bronze/brown and gold colours
  • Clear small balls
  • Tonic Nuvo Crystal drops – White
  • Double sided adhesive tape
  • Adhesive foam tape

Print and Cut settings

There are several important steps you need to complete when designing your own print and cut in Silhouette Studio.

When you first open up the studio software, the page setup is as default for a normal design and cut project. However, as you need to print out you design first and then cut it out you need to add registration marks. These registration marks allow the cameo to find where the printed design is on the cutting mat, and align with the design accurately to cut it out.

If you do not add these registration marks, the cameo will cut out where the software says the design should be according to your design window. However, if your printer has printed the design to say the right slightly, then the cut will misalign as the machine will not be aware of this alteration.

How to add the registration marks!

The great news is, it is very easy to add these registration marks. In your studio window you need to locate the page setup button along the right hand toolbar – this is the top button that looks like a page. Once you have opened up this window, select the third button along on the top bar – looks like a piece of paper with a mark in three corners.

You will need to change the style setting for this page setup from ‘Off’ to ‘Type 1’. This will automatically add the registration marks to your design window, as seen above. The marks are added with set margins around the page – these are highlighted as a red line. This red line indicates the area where you must place your design inside to ‘print and cut’. If any part of your design falls outside of the red lines, it will not be cut out that part of the design. However, you may find your design will print outside of the red lines, as the print area (the grey border line in your design window) is wider than red lined area.

Altering the 'Print/Cut' area

To reduced the amount of wasted space around the edge of the paper, we can increase the dimensions of the ‘Print/Cut’ area in the page setup window. Adjusting the Insert parameters in the position section of the registration mark tab can reduced the size of the margins. This will alter all inserts to the same dimension, but if you click the advanced option below, you can alter each insert individually.

It is useful to make these alterations for large designs or to fit more sentiments on your page.

Offset Tool

The offset tool is another useful tool to use in combination with print and cut files. However, you do not need to add an offset onto you design to use ‘Print/cut’ feature, but it can be a great added detail.

In the new update, the Offset tool is located on the right hand toolbar and consists of a star with an outline – the ‘offset’. In the offset window, you have two options – ‘Offset’ and ‘Internal Offset’. For this project, the former was used to give an offset around the outside of the design. You don’t need to add any ‘weight’ to this outline, as it doesn’t need to be printed out – it will only be used as a cut line.

Tips on Foiling your 'Print/cut' design

Once you design has printed out, you need to make a slight temporary alteration before you foil your design.

To prevent the registration marks being transferred onto your carrier sheet as it goes through your Minc or laminator, you need to cover the marks with small squares of paper. This will also maintain the integrity of the registration marks. This is very important as if these fade, the cameo sensors may struggle to register the marks for cutting.

Once your sheet is prepped you can send the design through your Minc or laminator to adhered your foils.

My first set of sentiments was printed onto a vellum sheet as I wanted a soft offset around the sentiments. Vellum is the perfect medium for this, although this can also interfere with the ‘Print/Cut’ feature due to transparent nature of vellum. Do not fear, I have a solution!

On a plain piece of paper, print out just the registration marks, with the same margin settings you have used for your printed design. It is best to set this up in another design window so you do not interfere with your current design. Once printed, cut out the four marked corners and apply a small amount of temporary adhesive to the back. Whilst holding the vellum sheet up to the light, position your cut out markings over the top of the markings on the vellum sheet. Voilá! Your Silhouette machine can now read your registration marks!

Aligning your registration marks

To cut out your design, you must make sure you still have you registration marks visible in your design window. Make sure you have not moved or changed your design in anyway. In the cut setting window for this cut file, you need the offset lines set to cut-edge. The bold sentiments should be set to no-cut.

When you load your mat with your ‘Print/Cut’ sheet attached into your Cameo, and press send to machine, the machine will automatically start to find and recognise your registration marks. This step can be a little temperamental and you may find it doesn’t recgonise the marks on the first go. If you have asked it to register the marks automatically again and it still failed to recognise the marks, you can instead do it manually.

In your ‘Send’ window, you will find at the bottom 4 arrows allowing you to move the position of you blade holder on the machine. You need to move the blade so it sits directly over the first registration mark – the square. Once aligned, press send and the machine will move around recognising your marks and start to cut out your design.

By widening the print and cut area, you will have created many die cut sentiments to use on all you projects. Handy to store away for future projects!

Foiled Print and cut Project details

To start, I trimmed the black and white patterned card down to 5″1/4 x 4″ and die cut a circle window out.  I placed a square piece of acetate behind the circle window and adhered this down with double sided adhesive tape.

To attach the foiled sentiment die cut to the front of the acetate window I used a Quickie Glue pen to apply the adhesive. To ensure this dried flat, I covered it with a weighted item until it was completely dry.

I adhered a piece of 5″1/2 x 4″1/4 mirrored gold card to the cardbase with double sided adhesive tape.

To created the shaker window, I applied fun foam tape to the back of the card around window cut out. I filled in the window space with sequins and clear balls. To seal the back and also to make it easier to mount onto the cardbase, I applied a small piece of mirrored gold card to the back of the window. This sealed all the shaker bits inside allowing me to mount it onto the cardbase without losing all the little bits!

After adding more fun foam tape to the remaining areas on the back of the black card and I mounted this onto the card base. Finally, I added Tonic Nuvo drops as little embellishments by following the pattern of the paper to finish the card off.

These foiled die cut sentiments can add a touch of glam and elegance to your papercrafts. With so many different sentiments available, the possibilities are endless! Why not download the file and have ago yourself. Don’t forget to show off your creations in the comments below, I would love to see them!

Free Print and cut file

Click on the file below for the free Silhouette Studio file for the Print and cut sentiments used in this card design.

*Please note this file is for personal use only. If you would like to share this file, please share the link to this blog post and not the file itself or the link to Onedrive. Please also credit Pretty Little Button.


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