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Crafting Dilemma: Upgrading your Precision Press Stamping Tool

Hello my crafty friends! So glad to see you popped by. Today’s a quick for some of you it maybe interesting to read, but you may not need to implement it if you have a different stamping tool. I want to show you how to upgrade the Precision Press stamping tool if you have one. 

So I bought this earlier on in the year, before We R Memory Keepers stopped selling the basic tool and implemented a newer version – making it a multi use platform. I also bought this stamping tool before the Tim Holtz stamping Platform was released.  So really, when I was looking at stamping platforms I had a choice between the Precision Press and the Misti.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would love a Misti! However, when I was looking at buying a stamping platform, the price tag of the Misti was little tad expensive for me. In comparison, the Precision Press was much cheaper!

However, it does have some flaws which led me to upgrade the tool with some little additional add-ons. The major flaw is the platform is not magnetic! This is very useful in keeping you paper in the position you want, especially useful if you have a little warping from water or heat embossing. 

So I decide to google it and found some useful video’s on YouTube that showed you could easily magnetise your platform! (To see those videos, check you this one here and this one here.)

So read on and find out how easy it is to magnetise your platform and upgrade it!

How to Upgrade you Precision Press tool:

The first little upgrade I did before I even contemplated whether I could magnetise the platform was just adding a little washi tape. You would be amazed at how adding a little washi tape to the front screen makes it so much quicker opening and closing the platform!

Now the important bit, magnetising the platform!

Luckily, on the bottom of the platform there is this great circular pattern. On Amazon, you can purchase teeny tiny magnets that are 8mm in diameter. These fit perfectly inside the circles on the base of the platform. To keep the magnets in place, I squirted a little PVA glue into the hole and place to magnet on top. Once dry, they wont budge!

In addition, you will need to purchase some magnets to use on the other side of the platform to keep you project in place. I purchased two sizes, a large long magnet and some smaller ones. The smaller ones are useful for small projects or small areas you need keep in place. See below for the links to the magnets I have used. 

Transparent Grid overlay for the precision press stamping tool

In addition to magnetising the platform, I also added a couple more features to improve the stamping quality of the platform. I trimmed down some thin craft foam to 7″ x 7″. You can use this inside your platform when trying to stamp full patterns. Having that soft surface to print on allows you to get a better coverage when stamping a large block pattern or image. 

As well, I created a grid pattern to lay over the top of the craft foam so I can align the project or stamps up. I printed this onto white paper and laminated it. Laminating it allows you to wipe ink off if you get any on it when stamping.

The second I printed with a laser printer onto acetate. The transparency allows you to overlay this on top of your project and to align additional stamps with the image. I have included this printable below. Please note you must print this on a laser printer. Inkjet printers will not as the ink will not dry on acetate.

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FREE Printable grid transparency download

Click on the file below for the free printable grid pattern used for the transparency grid overlay.

*Please note this file is for personal use only. If you would like to share this file, please share the link to this blog post and not the file itself or the link to Onedrive. Please also credit Pretty Little Button.

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