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Craft Box decoration (Silhouette)

Hello, I have a quick post today showing you some craft box decoration for you. I used a lovely design from the design store, which you can find details for at the end of the post. I think a lot of crafters can relate to this expression! When you the design in the store, it comes all in one colour. However, I ungrouped the elements so I could cut them out of different coloured adhesive vinyl for more interest. I’m showing you my tip on how to line up different colour vinyl cuts from the same design before you have adhered it to your project.


written tutorial

craft box decoration

Craft box decoration: Design proceess in silhouette studio

To start, I always draw a shape that is of the same size as the area I’m going to add my design too. This helps make sure my design looks the appropriate size for the space and so you don’t oversize your design. 

I also like to change the colour line of the shape off red so I know this isn’t part of the design. 
Next, add the design and before you right click to ungroup the design, resize the design by dragging one of the corner squares into the middle whilst holding down the shift button. The shift button is important as the design will resize equally and proportionally even if you don’t drag inwards symmetrically.



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Now, this is the part when your design choices can come out. I coloured the back shape grey as I planned on putting the decoration onto a grey wooden box. Right-click the design and select ungroup. Continue doing this until you have all the elements you wish to be separate from one separated. Take each element in turn and using the fill window, select a colour. 

Now you could skip this bit as you will only be cutting the outlines out of coloured vinyl and not printing these. However, I find it helps the design process to visualise the ned product and it can help you decide on what vinyl colours to go with. 


Before I sent the elements to cut, I add squares in a variety of positions in the design. I made sure each design had a square grouped to it, so when each element was cut out, it also cut out a square. This square will help you layer up the design elements, making sure you keep the alignment of the design. 

You could skip adding the squares if you can do it by eye or aren’t too fussed how aligned your end design is. 

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Craft box decoration: weeding and layering the vinyl

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When you weed all the design elements, make sure you don’t weed the squares off!


Use transfer tape to layer up your design. I started with the bottom element first, layering the design elements up as you go up the design, each time making sure I align the squares of each element up. Once all the elements for the square had been aligned, peel the squares off the transfer tape. I left the top square on for the picture to show you the alignment. 


When you place the design onto your craft box, use a scraper to burnish the vinyl onto the project and peel off the transfer tape. 

Craft box decoration


take a closer look
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