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Christmas Wreath – Silhouette Studio Knife Tool

Hey there, welcome back for today’s post. It is quite a hectic time of the year, especially as a crafter as your creative imagination can run wild with all these possible projects you could make. Though sometimes, time catches up on us and we cant quite make on the projects we want too. However, today I bringing you one project I definitely knew I wanted to do and made sure I had time to do it. Today’s post not only is a great source of festive inspiration to produce a beautiful Christmas Wreath, but I am also showing you how to use the Silhouette Knife tool!  This tool is so useful for cutting up designs and moving bits about so you can alter your design and create something different.

Whats more, is I have included the cut file for this Merry Christmas Sentiment at the end of the post free to download for personal use. So if you are ready, lets read on!

Materials required for:

  • Silhouette Cameo and Studio software
  • Cutting mat
  • White card stock – a heavy weight card stock is good for stability when attached to the wreath.
  • Hot glue gun – you can use other forms of adhesive but this sets quickly. 
  • Decorated Christmas wreath
For links to some of these products, see the end of the post.

Using the Silhouette Knife Tool

To start off with, write you sentiment in your chosen font. It is important to weld all the letters together so the word is all one continuous piece. If you don’t do this, when the sentiment is cut out, you will be unable to hang it.

To creating the hanging ‘arms’ for the sentiment you need to draw an arc with the arc tool. To create a thick line around this, use the offset tool. For this project, I used an offset of 0.05. Once you have created the offset, you can delete the arc line. Make sure you copy and paste your offset arc as you will need two – one for each word. 

Line up your offset arc and word using the transform tool and vertically aligning the two items. This make sure your word is lined up in the middle of the arc offset. Using the knife tool, draw across the offset arc either side of where the beginning and end of the word intersects. Try to cut this as closely as possible to the word, but without cutting the word itself.

This will cut your offset arc into three pieces – two either side of your word. Remove the middle piece as this is no longer required. To attach the two hanging ‘arms’ that you have now created with the knife tool, move each piece so it slightly overlaps the first and last letter of the sentiment. Using the weld feature, attach the hanging ‘arms’ so one continuous piece is seen. See below for final arrangement. Repeat this process for any further sentiments. 

Christmas Wreath details

To attach my sentiments to the wreath, I adjusted the size of my pieces in the studio software, so the width would expand the diameter of the wreath. Once I had cut the sentiments out, I attached these to the wreath with my hot glue gun. I added additional embellishments of fabric baubles, wooden and foil stars along with ribbon in a monochrome colour scheme. 

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Click on the file below for the free Silhouette Studio file for the Print and cut sentiments used in this card design.

*Please note this file is for personal use only. If you would like to share this file, please share the link to this blog post and not the file itself or the link to Onedrive. Please also credit Pretty Little Button.



Feel free to leave me a comment below, I would love to hear what you think of the card!

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Till next time,

*this post was NOT sponsored, requested, or paid for; I have written it because I wanted to. The information provided is based on my own personal experience. I am not an expert and I do not work for these companies. 

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