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Autumnal stickers for bullet journaling

If you want to get on top of your bullet journal, why not create fun seasonal daily stickers that speed up planning for the week ahead. Print and cut several sheets for on the go and you can organize your week in no time and today I’m showing you how to create these lovely autumnal stickers for bullet journaling.


written tutorial

Autumnal Stickers for bullet journaling

creating the design

Open up the Fall sketches design into your studio. Next, draw a rounded rectangle and use the width and height dimensions on the top tool bard to adjust the size. 

Next, resize the leaf and rotate, place this up to one of the rectangle.

Move the rectangle to one side and with only the leaf selected open the offset window and add an offset to the leave.

adding colour the design

Using the line colour option in the top toolbar, change the line colour of the leaf design to another colour, for example, blue.

Now, select the leaf offset, no the leaf design itself, along with the rectangle and open up the ‘Modify’ panel.

In the modify panel, select weld to weld the rectangle to the leaf offset.

Next, change the colour of the leave design to a colour of your choose and add weight to the line. If you do not add weight to the line, the leaf will not print out.

Duplicate this 7 times and add the days of the week inside the rectangle.

setting up for print and cut

You now need to add the print and cut lines to the design space. Open up the Page Setup window, and select the ‘Registration marks’ tab.  In the ‘Style’ drop-down menu, select Type 1 Cameo.

This then added the black square and lines as well as the hashed areas to the design space.

You can adjust the position of the inserts and lengths of the inserts in this window. However, make sure you do not allow the cut area to go outside of your print area. 

You can now move the stickers about making sure they stay within the print and cut area designated by the lines. To fill the page up quicker, you can use the replicate tool.

 Open up the  replicate panel and select, in this case, the replicate to the row 2 times.

sending the design to cut

Send the design to print and once printed, load this onto your mat and into your machine. Now we only want the outline to cut – no the leaf design or the words. As these have cut lines assigned to them, we must cut by line colour instead of using ‘simple’ cut settings.

Make sure only the red line colour is set to cut and all other line colours are switched off. Make sure you do a test cut before cutting the whole sheet – you want a kiss cut where it cuts the top sticker paper but not through the backing paper.

Autumnal Stickers for bullet journaling


take a closer look
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Autumnal Stickers for bullet journaling


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FALL SKETCHES by Tanya Batrak


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