Vellum overlay -Watercolour card

Vellum overlay -Watercolour card

Recently I have enjoyed experimenting around with watercolours to create interesting backgrounds. A few weeks ago I wanted to spruce up my living room and whilst I was in Tescos I saw some carnations on sale. I really like how carnations can have several colours blended in one flower and knew these would look great in my living room.


Well, when this flower bloomed I could not ignore the beautiful yellows and red/oranges hues and thought I have to use this as inspiration for a card. The best way I felt I could achieve these blended colours with similar intensity and style is through watercolours. So today, I am going to show you how I created this thank you card inspired by these flowers. 

Materials required:

  • Watercolour paper - I used hot press Daley Rowney Aquafine smooth 140lb, but you can use whatever water colour paper you have to hand.
  • Watercolour paints - The colours I used and mixed with were Alizarian Crimson Hue, Cadmium Red Pale Hue and Lemon Yellow Hue.
  • Watercolour paintbrush - I used size 8.
  • Masking tape/painters tape
  • Patterned vellum - My vellum sheet is from a docrafts Papermania 'Ultimate die-cut and paper pack - Capsule Collection Geometric Mono'
  • White card stock for card base - I use The Range white A4 card 210gsm
  • Cardstock for the die cut sentiment - I used a linen pearlised white card 
  • Sentiment die - I used individual letters from X-cut script alphabet.
  • Die cutting machine - mine is a Sizzix Big Shot Plus
  • Sentiment stamp - I used individual letters from docrafts Creativitiy essentials 'A5 clear stamp set Alphas Folk'.
  • Versamark Ink - or any other watermark ink
  • Embossing powder - I used Papermania Gold.
  • Heat gun
  • Double sided adhesive tape.
  • Double sided foam tape. 

Step 1:

Adhere you watercolour paper down using masking or painters tape. Mix up the colours you want to use in your background into little puddles. I made 5 colour puddles for this background. 

Wet the whole of you sheet with water, but do not over saturate otherwise you will get pilling when you add the colour. 

Step 2: 

Apply colour to the background allowing the water to blend the colours. When you are happy your effect, allow this to dry.

Step 3:

Whilst your background is drying, cut out your sentiment using the appropriate plates and platforms with your die cutting machine. 

Here I used the platform along with adapter A and the two cutting plates.

Step 4: 

Stamp the remainder of your sentiment onto a strip of white card with versamark ink and cover with embossing powder. If you have an anti-static bag apply this before stamping to reduced embossing powder adhere to unwanted areas. 

Heat set the powder with your heat gun.

Step 5:

Trim your background card down. I made a 4" 1/2 by 7" 1/2 card and therefore trimmed my background down to 4" 1/4 x 7" 1/2 as I wanted a "1/8 border either side. 

Cut your vellum sheet down to overlay onto the background. I cut mine down to 4" as I wanted a thin ("1/8) border either side to mirror the background. I cut the length to 8" 1/2 to allow for extra vellum to adhere to the card on the back.

Step 6:

Fold the ends over the card and using double sided tape, tape the ends of the vellum down onto the reverse of the card to keep the vellum in place. 

Step 7:

Using glue adhesive, apply the sentiments to the front of the card; I applied the sentiments about two thirds of the way down the card to give added interest. 

Step 8: 

I felt the card was missing something and felt the strip of white card was too blank needing some extra detail. I stamped in versamark ink a dotted line stamp and heat embossed in the same gold powder. You do not have to do this, but I felt it just finished this card off nicely. 

Step 9:

Cut you white card base to 9"  by 7" 1/2. Score on the long edge at 4" 1/2 to make a 4" 1/2 x 7" 1/2 card. 

Apply double sided foam tape to the back of the background and apply to your card.

Step 10:

I like to make a matching envelope now with all my cards. I scored the envelope with the envelope punch board - to see a post on how to use this follow the link HERE. I used the remainder of the vellum paper I had to cut a triangle insert for the underside of the top flap. 

The paper I like to use to make my envelopes are from Papermaina  12x12" Coloured  paper pack. This pack has a great selection of colours and accommodates for larger cards. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it has inspired you to have a go at your own watercolour background with a vellum overlay.

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