Using simple shapes and scraps

Using simple shapes and scraps

In attempt to make some more unisex style cards I wanted to see if I can use up some of my scraps at the same time. I don't know about you, but I am getting quite a draw full of scrap paper left over from other projects and I need to start depleting it! So, the best way I thought to do this is by using simple shapes cut out of the scraps to make a background or focal point to the card. 

Materials required:

  • Cardbase - I used black 200gsm card by Make & Craft. I scored a 9" x 8" 1/4 sheet to give a 4" 1/2 x 8" 1/4 top folding card.
  • Scrap paper
  • Die shapes, die sentiment and a die cutting machine- I used my Silhouetted Cameo to cut out the hexagons on here as I don't have the best die shapes, so if you do not have a lot of small die shapes, try using other machines you have like you Silhouette Cameo to create them. 
  • Adhesive - I used double sided tape, PVA glue by Dovecraft and double sided foam tape.
  • Scrap card for the sentiment
  • Small sentiment stamp
  • Ink - I used versafine oynx black
  • Glossy Accents

Step 1:

Using your die and die cutting machine, cut out many shapes from different coloured scraps. Make sure you scraps work well together and don't clash. For those without a die cutting machine, you can use your Silhouette Cameo instead. 

I experimented with the layout of the shapes on my card without trying to create a repeating pattern and allowed some pieces to overhang. 

Step 2:

When I was happy with the layout, I used double sided adhesive tape to stick down the shapes. After I did the bottom two lines I decided that was enough and it would have been two busy if I had added the third line as I had originally planned. 

Once all the pieces were adhered, I trimmed down the overhang to finish the pattern.

Step 3:

Cut out your die sentiment using your die cutting machine. If you do not have any large die sentiments, you can use your Silhouette Cameo to cut out a sentiment.

I cut this sentiment out three times as I wanted to layer the die cuts to give dimension to the card. 

Step 4: 

Apply a small layer of PVA glue to the back of your sentiments and layer one on top of another to create a dimensional sentiment.

Step 5:

To create more interest on the card without making it too feminine, I applied glossy accents to the top to the dimensional sentiment to give a glossy shine. Allow this to air dry, do not use a heat gun to set this!

Once dry, apply to the card using PVA glue - make sure you use a strong adhesive to make sure the sentiment stays in place as it will have quite a  weight to it. 

Step 6:

Using a scrap piece of card, stamp your small sentiment stamp in ink. Trim the card down to make into a pennant flag and apply adhesive foam tape to the back of the stamped sentiment. Position on the card to finish the card off. 

As you know, if I can I like to make a matching envelope. As I didn't use all the hexagon shapes I cut out on the front of the card, I used these to decorate the envelope. 

This was such a simple and quick card to make, but also used up some of my scrap stash along the way. The glossy accents is a great addition to highlight the sentiment more. 

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