Tutorial: Handmade box and matching bow

Tutorial: Handmade box and matching bow

Before I get into the tutorial for this cute little box and bow I have some great news to tell! I recently sent in an application for the Project Design Team 2017 for 'docrafts'. I wasn't initially going to send an application in, thinking perhaps give it another year so, you may not have enough experience for it yet and there there is bound to be very stiff competition for it! However, 4 days before the closing date, docrafts re-posted their advert again on Facebook and I thought, why not have a go, you have to start somewhere. I am pleased to tell you, I found out on the 22nd of February my application was a success and I am one of the 12 PDT members for 2017. I cannot tell you how excited I am, and I am really looking forward to seeing what projects I produce for them! Don't worry I will keep you updated!

Anyway, back to the box and bow you all came to see and to find out how you can make one yourself. This will make a 3" x 3" wide square box which is 1" 1/2 in depth.

Materials you will need:

  • Cardstock - 2 sheets. I used a 6"x6" for the lid and a slightly smaller sheet at 5"7/8 x 5" 7/8 for the bottom of the box. The patterned paper I used was from 'Neroli First Edition Paper sparky & Marie' pack. 
  • One strip of matching paper to lid measuring at 5" x 1"
  • One strip of complimentary cardstock (I used the same blue that I used for the bottom of the box) cut to 3" x 1"
  • Strong adhesive - I used Dovecraft Ultimate craft glue. You can use tape adhesive but make sure you use good quality strong tape as this is used to secure your box together.
  • Score board - If you do not have this a ruler and a blunt craft knife will score.
  • Complimentary ribbon - The ribbon I used was a paper ribbon from The Works.
  • Envelope punch board


Step 1:

The lid of the box -

Using the diagram below with your score board, score you 6"x6" card sheet at 1"1/2 from the edge of the paper. Rotate the paper and repeat this 3 more times. If you do not have a score board, you can easily score this lines with a ruler and a blunt craft knife.

Step 2:

In each corner square, cut a diagonal line from the corner towards the other corner of the small square. Stop at where the score lines intersect - see below. Repeat this on the other three corners. this will create he triangle tabs to construct the box with. 

Step 3:

Fold the card on all four score lines, including all the triangle tabs.  Adhere adhesive to four parallel triangle tabs as seen below.

Step 4:

Folding up one side, adhere the tabs to the inside of the side flaps - see below. The other triangle flaps of the corner corresponding to this side will be on the outside of the box.

Step 5:

Repeat step 4 parallel to this side. You should have the box lid constructed in with all four sides up, but with four triangle tabs on the outside not adhered down. 

Step 6: 

Apply adhesive to the remaining triangle taps, and adhere down to the sides. 

Step 7:

Base of the box-

Repeat steps 1-6 with the second sheet of card stock. Use the same measurements in step 1 as the card sheet should be cut down to 5"7/8 x 5" 7/8; this has taken into account making a marginally smaller box so the lid can fit over the top. 

Step 8:

To make the bow, take the 5"x 1" strip of card and place in your envelope punch board as shown, using the front punch. To punch in the middle, ensure the edge of the card is lined up at 2"1/2 on the ruler guide on the left hand side. 

Step 9: 

Rotate the strip and repeat step 8 on the other side of the strip. so the middle of the card has a notch inwards at the middle on both sides, as seen below. 

Step 10:

Move the strip along until the edge of the paper measures at 5". Press the punch and create a notch on the end. Repeat this 3 more times for the remaining sides and end. You may have to flip the sheet over the get all the ends, it still gives the same affect so don't worry. 

Step 11:

Taking your smaller strip of card, mark the middle of the short ends. Align this up with the middle of the front punch, and punch a notch in the end.

Step 12:

Repeat step 11 for the other end. The strip should now look like the image below. 

Step 13:

Fold either ends of the bow up and over to meet in the middle on the other side. Secure the ends together with adhevsive.

Step 14:

Using adhesive, secure the bow to the base of the smaller strip.

Step 15:

Tie the ribbon around the box, fastening with a single knot on the top. Don't cut the ends of the ribbon down yet. Place your bow over the middle of the knot and tide another knot around the middle of the bow securing it in place. 

Step 16:

At this point, finish of the ends of the ribbon by cutting to a suitable length and curl to give added interest. 

This is a very simple box which can easily scaled up in size to make much larger versions. The more sturdier the card/paper you use the more durable it will be and the more weight it can take.

I hope you have found this useful and will enjoy making a box and matching bow. Don't forget to follow the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest.

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