Tutorial: Christmas wine bottle tag decoration

Tutorial: Christmas wine bottle tag decoration

Wine bottles are notorious to wrap and always easy to guess from the shape what is in the present. So I decided to make an alternative decoration for a wine bottle this Christmas, an over-sized bottle neck tag.

Materials and Equipment:

  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Minc Machine
  • Sizzix Machine
  • Laser Printer
  • Black cardstock
    • I used 120gsm ultra smooth midnight black from Southfield.
  • White cardstock
    • I used 210gsm from The Range
  • Foil
    • I used Deco foil from iCraft – Rose gold.
  • Circle die cut framelit
  • Glue
  • Snowflake embossing folder

Step 1:

In the Silhouette studio you need to draw a circle 6cm in diameter. In addition, if you know who you will be giving the tag to you can also do a ‘To (insert name)’. Make sure you fill the circle and names in black including their lines. Around the names add a 1mm offset – this will be the cut line for the names. Before you go to print this on to your white cardstock there is an important step we need to take: we need to add the print and cut lines.

Along the buttons to the right on the top tool bar you will find a button in the shape of an oblong with four corner markings (registration marks window) – this button is also to the right of your design page settings. When you select the registration marks window you will find the right hand window will change allowing you to make alterations to add on the registration marks. In the top of the window, click on the drop down arrow to select correct style – Type 1. This will be set to your current printer settings.

The design window will now change to include the registration markings and a grey hatching area. Any item you wish to print and cut must be below the hatching and inside the new red outline connecting the black registration marks. Once you have added the registration marks you can print this onto your white cardstock through your laser printer – a laser printer is used here to allow the design to be hot foiled.

Step 2:

Turn your Minc machine on to setting 4. Whilst this is warming up, place the white cardstock in your transfer folder and cover the printed design with foil. Once the Minc is warm and the light has turned to green, send the transfer folder through and the foil will adhere to the design. To get a good hot foil, check out this how to guide.

Step 3:

Now the printed design has been foiled, place the cardstock onto your silhouette cutting mat and load this onto the cameo. Without changing any settings – do not remove registration marks , press the cutting settings button and set the cut settings to cut edge only – for the words make sure this is only cutting the offset and not the words itself.

Once the blade settings are appropriate for the weight of cardstock press send to Silhouette.

At this point the machine will now search for the registration marks it printed out when it printed your design.This can take a few goes of unloading and reloading the mat, or slightly changing the card stock on the mat however you will know when you have a successful registration as it will automatically start cutting.

Step 4:

You need to now design you Merry little Christmas motive – or any other sentiment if the present is not for Christmas. Make sure the circle is no bigger than 5 cm in diameter. Once you have designed this, just print onto black cardstock without the registration marks. To remove the marks, go back to your registration settings window selecting the style drop down and select off. Make sure you print this out on your laser printer. Do not worry, even though we are printing onto black card stock you will still be able to see where the print has printed your design.

Step 5: 

Using the same settings as in step 2,  lay the foil over the design and send through the Minc machine.

Step 6:

Using a the sizzix machine, die cut your motive out with a circle framelit of around 5.5cm.

Step 7:

For the tag, I drew a rounded oblong of 19cm long by 5.5cm wide and subtracted a triangle from the bottom to give this pennant look to it. I applied an internal offset to this as we need a small version cut out in white cardstock. The large version will be cut out in black cardstock. A circle of 3.6cm diameter is drawn at the top of the tag to allow the tag to sit over the bottle neck. Ensuring the circle is in the same location of both sizes, send and cut out using your silhouette cameo.

 Step 8:

Taking the white tag cut out from step 6, emboss the snow flake embossing folder with the Sizzix machine – you may need to run this through twice depending on how long your tag is compared to the folder. My folder was smaller in length so I had to do this. However, to cover up the join you can place you motive over this.

Step 9:

Apply glue to the back of you motive and stick to the foiled circle. Apply glue to the back of the white tag and stick onto the black tag ensuring an even border is left. Stick the motive on to the bottle in the position you desire, this can cover up your join if you have one. Lastly glue you names onto the tag. Slip over the neck of the wine bottle, and fold in the appropriate place to allow the tag to fall and flow with the shape of the bottle.


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and inspired you to decorate and gift presents in a different way. As always you can keep up to date with what is going on here by following the blog, Facebook and Instagram!

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