Tutoiral: Revamped clipboard

Tutoiral: Revamped clipboard


Today I have done a post based on a technique I did on the 4th on January on how you can hot foil vinyl.  I had an old plain clipboard I wanted to spruce up, make it a bit more interesting, and decided I wanted to add some foil to it. However, I cant put it through my printer for the laser toner, so I had to come up with another way with the materials I had…so foiling vinyl was the best option for this project and here is how the board came to life:

Materials needed:

  • Clipboard
  • Paint (I used a combination of chalk and craft paint to get the desired colour I wanted)
  • Sponge brushes
  • Vinyl (shiny rather than matt vinyl works the best)
  • heat reactive foil (I used Heidi Swapp Pink foil for this project)
  • Silhouette cameo or other cutting machine
  • Minc Machine or laminator
  • Tweezers
  • Washi tape

Step 1

Using the sponge brushes apply the paint to all sides of the board; if needed, use the washi tape to mask off the metal to prevent getting paint onto these areas. 

I applied two coats; if you board needs another do so before applying the vinyl decal.

Step 2:

Using the silhouette software, design you decal ensuring you measure the size of the area you wish to apply it to on the back of the clipboard.  Bare in mind to get the best foil finish at the end, it is better to transfer the decal manually with tweezers than transfer tape as this dulls the foil finish. Therefore, try to design your decal in as few a pieces as possible to prevent less work for yourself later. As you can see I did not take my own advice, and it did take me a while to transfer the whole design over. 

Once you have cut this out in your vinyl using the Silhouette cameo, weed all the unnecessary vinyl.

Step 3: 

Cover the vinyl decal with heat reactive foil and send through the minc machine. The tutorial for foiling vinyl can be found here.

Step 4:

Using the washi tape, mask out the area where the decal will sit on the back of the clipboard.

Step 5:

Using the tweezers gently transfer the decal over to the board and apply pressure to adhere the vinyl. You might notice I did not get the placement of my first word ‘the’ centered very well, so I suggest using a large word first to center other words around it. 

It is difficult to see with this picture as it is hard to photograph foil, but a lovely pink shine as seen with the words at the bottom, is seen across the whole design when in person giving a great elegant finish to the project.


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