Shaker Card Tutorial: Mothers Day

Shaker Card Tutorial: Mothers Day

Shaker cards have been around for quite some time, but I have never done a tutorial on them. It is such a great way to add interest to the card and you can personalise each card by changing the embellishments you use inside the window.

They are quite easy to make if you have the supplies, and the main thing you need is either double sided foam tape or some fun foam and double sided adhesive tape, and some acetate! What you put inside the shaker window is up to you!

Materials required:

  • Card Base - This card was 5" 1/2 x 8"
  • Watercolour card - I used an A4 sheet of Aquafine Smooth Watercolour by Daler Rowney
  • Watercolour paints - The two colours I used were Dioxazine purple wby Windsor and newton, and Permanent Rose by Daler Rowney.
  • Watercolour brush
  • Masking tape
  • Die and Die cutting machine
  • Sentiment stamps
  • Embossing powder - I used WOW Black glint
  • Versamark Ink
  • Versafine Black ink
  • Heat gun
  • Embellishments - I used a variety of sequins and beads.
  • Double sided foam tape or fun foam and double sided adhesive tape
  • Double sided adhesive tape

Step 1:

Ahdere you watercolour paper down to a surface with your masking tape. Mix up your watercolours to the desired tone. I mixed four colour tones from my two watercolour paints giving a bright lighter pink all the way to the dark purple.  

Step 2:

Using your bursh, wet the whole of your paper.  Now dip your brush in your pigment pools of water and paint onto the background. The water already on the paper should help to blend the various colours; allow this to air dry. You can heat set it with a gun if you prefer. 

I have a bloom in the middle of the pager, this is where there was a large amount of water compared to the areas neighbouring. This changes the rate at which the areas dry at and can push the pigment to one area as the neighbouring area has set. 

Step 3:

Trim the background down and using your die and die cutting machine, cut out an oblong window. Make sure you keep hold of the cut out!

Place your background over the card base, but do not use any adhesive at this point. 

Apply double sided adhesive to the back of the die cut out which you were told to keep hold of and position back inside the window on the card. Press this down, adhering the die cut out to the card base.

Remove the large background piece. You now have the background to your shaker window (the die cut out) in the correct place.

Step 4:

Stamp you sentiment on to the background piece. As I dont have a large sentiment stamp I used a stencil and sponge dauber to stamp my sentiment. I used versamark ink here to emboss the sentiment in Black glint. 

The remainder of the sentiment and decoration was stamped with versafine onyx black ink. 

Step 5:

Adhere a sheet of acetate to the back of the window. Make sure the acetate sheet is larger than the window (bigger than the die dimensions you used to cut out the window). 

Once you have adhered the acetate sheet to the back, adhere foam tape to the back of the card. It is important that your adhere the foam tape closely around the edge of the window and there are no gaps between any of the foam -  you do not want any embellishments to slip out of the window!

Step 6: 

Place your embellishments over your die cut out that is adhered to the card base.

Peel off the cover of the double sided foam tape, and place the front over the die cut out so the window aligns and traps your embellishments inside, see below. 

Step 7:

I added a few pearl embellishments to the front of the card, but I didn't feel the card looked finished - there was something missing! 

I used my stacking dies to cut a thin border frame. I covered this with versamark ink and then covered with the same embossing powder as the sentiment and heat set this. I adhered this around the window of the shaker card to frame it. 

As you know I try to make a matching envelope whenever I can. I used the border frame for the window as the inspiration to make a matching envelope. I cut a border frame, heat embossed it with the same embossing powder and framed a white sheet of paper onto the front of the envelope. I adhered this to the front of the envelope to highlight the address area.

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful and will attempt a shaker card in the future! They are so fun to make and give!

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