Removable bookmark and blog post planner

Removable bookmark and blog post planner

Hello and welcome back for today's post: Removable Bookmark and Blog Post Planner. 

I hope you have been having a great week so far and managing to find plenty of time to create. Today I will showing you how you can make a removable bookmark for the notebooks you have created with the Cinch. I am also showing you how to create this planner book - espeically useful for those that have a blog too. It is great for jotting down notes when creating projects - there for when you need it later. No need to scratch your head to remember what inks or stamps you used with this little planner. 

For the blog post planner inserts inside, I designed my own layout for my own needs. However, I originally used Jennifer Frosts Blog Planner layouts, which you can find them here. I recommend you check her out as she has lots of inspiration and great advice! And whilst you are there you can pick up bog planner post inserts to create you own book. But, like me you can also create and design your own layouts easily enough in a Word document. Jennifer's inserts inspired my own layout and I will post here on the website at later date. 

So lets get started!

Materials required for Removable bookmarks and blog post planner:

  • Cinch Machine
  • A4 sheet of Chipboard
  • Decrotative paper - I used paper from the Modern Lustre Paper pack from docrafts.
  • PVA glue, water and a glue brush
  • Minc Machine or laminator
  • Silhouette Studio and Cameo
  • Gold heat reactive foil - I used iCraft deco Foil Gold. 
  • Laser Printer
  • Double sided adhesive tape
  • 0.75inch notebook wire binding - The one featured in this project Gold Heidi Swapp DIY notebook binding.
  • A4 laminating pouch
  • Paper trimmer

Removable bookmark and blog post planner details

First of all you need to make the planner notebook for your bookmark to sit in.

You will need to measure the height and width of your planner inserts, mine worked out to be half an A4. To make sure the covers slightly over hang the pages and provides protection, I trimmed these down slightly. For each insert, I trimmed about 1/8" on the top, bottom and right hand side. I really only wanted to use 1 sheet of chipboard for this book and by making these adjustments I could.  I didn't mind doing this as it was only white space I was trimming off. 

Once I had combined PVA glue with water, I covered the front and back cover in matching paper. The inside of the covers were then applied in the same manner. If you are unsure how to do this, check out this post here for a step-by-step of how to make a simple notebook. 

Once the covers were dry, I punched 15 holes in both the covers and paper inserts. Finally, I bound the book together, making sure I had the outsides of the front and back covers together. If you check out the post I mentioned, it also explains how to punch and bind. 

HOw to make the removable bookmark:

It is so easy to make a removable bookmark - you'll be making one for every notebook you create! 

Decide on what you want to fill your bookmark with. For my bookmark, I used a foiled decorative vellum sheet from the same paper pack as the covers. Trim the paper down to the size you wish for your bookmark. I rounded the top edge, just to soften this as it pokes out the top. As you need to see your bookmark as you are paging through, I made my bookmark 1/4" longer than my paper inserts. 

When you have created the inset for your bookmark, place this in a laminating pouch and run it through your machine to seal it. It is VERY important you leave at least 1/2-3/4" of clear laminating pouch to the left. You will need this space for punching you holes and so the bookmark sits 'in' your paper inserts.  Once laminated, punch the same number of holes as your notebook, starting from the bottom of the book mark.

Now here is the simple easy trick to make it removable and to insert it in at any page. Use a pair of scissors to snip into each whole from the left side. As we have laminated this, the plastic makes the holes strong enough to be pushed around the wires, and to be removed again and again.

To finish off the removable bookmark and blog post planner:

Lastly I decorated the front cover with a gold foiled title, which I designed in the Silhouette Studio. I used the print and cut feature along with a laser printer to cut these out. If you want to know how to do this, check out this post here where I created foiled print and cut sentiments. The process is similar for any design you make. 

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Till next time,

*this post was NOT sponsored, requested, or paid for; I have written it because I wanted to. The information provided is based on my own personal experience. I am not an expert and I do not work for these companies. 

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