How to re-stick your Silhouette Cameo Mat

How to re-stick your Silhouette Cameo Mat

Hi everyone, good to see you're back. Today is quite a fairly quick post as hopefully it may solve one of your crafting dilemmas! If you have a Silhouette Cameo or Portrait, you may notice after some use your mat might start to loose its stick.  You might resort to sticking your vinyl or card down with tape instead. I don't know about you, but I find my medium can still move about with the pressure of the blade. And then you end up wasting so much medium! Well today I am showing you how easy and simple it is to re-stick your Silhouette Cameo mat!

Re-Stick your silhouette cameo mat details

You only need a couple of tools for this:

  • a scraper - the one you usually use to help burnish your vinyl will do
  • baby wipes - preferably alcohol free, better for the integrity of your mat. 

First of all, use your scraper to clean off all the debris that has built up on the mat. All the small bits of paper, vinyl and fluff that is reducing the mats ability to stay sticky. Once this is cleaned reasonably well, wipe over your mat with a baby wipe.

Now it is important to have a gently rubbing motion and not to really scrub at the mat with it. The more you 'scrub' with the wipe, the more likely you are to take up the sticky layer of the mat rather than clean the debris off. 

It is really important to make sure you allow this to dry before you use it. The drying process helps re-stick your mat. Please note though, you may not get full stickiness back in areas that have been heavily used.

For example, I often place my items to cut in the top left hand corner. This area has had a lot of contact with the blade and has reduced the integrity of the surface of the mat. Therefore, there is less intact surface to be sticky and your medium is less likely to stick down there. 

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I hope this crafting dilemma solution works for you. Feel free to leave me a comment below, I would love to hear what you think!

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