Printed Card Notebook – docrafts PDT Project

Printed Card Notebook – docrafts PDT Project

Hi everyone, today I am showcasing another one of my projects which currently features of docrafts blog. I like to experiment and find more than one way of creating an item. I have shown how you can create a notebook with tacky PVA glue and washi tape, but today I have an alternative technique. To see how to make a note book with the other method, check out this post HERE.

A Tip on how to assemble this printed card notebook:

This notebook does use staples to bind the pages together however, you can make this notebook even if you do not have a long arm stapler. I don't have one and it is simple to do! You will still need to use staples,but instead you create the wholes before the staples are applied. First of all, you need to mark out where you need to position your staples down the middle of the spine. For each staple you need to mark 2 points, one for each prong. These should be spaced apart as the same width of the staple. Then use a simple pin to push a whole in each mark from the outside in to the middle of the book. Once you had made all the holes, push your staples through each pair. Fold the prongs down in the middle of the book to secure in place.

To find out the full details on how to make this notebook, check out the post featured on docrafts HERE.

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