How to Print and Cut Stickers

How to Print and Cut Stickers

Hello! So glad you came back for today's post! I am always thinking of ways to create and craft with all my different tools. However, I particularly wanted to use one tool for this post to create my own personalised stickers. These would allow me to put my mark on my creations showing people how to find out more info. So I decided to design and make some Print and Cut Stickers use the Silhouette Cameo machine. 

Now, I'll be honest this was my first time at creating stickers with my Silhouette machine, well first time making stickers full stop. But what is great about these, is that they're so easy to make and only uses one machine. As this was my first project, I didn't want to spend a fortune on amazing and costly sticker paper to mess it all up. So, I bought some full sheet self adhesive paper off of Amazon for a fairly cheap price. I assumed it wouldn't be good quality as it was so cheap, but I have to say it is great and recommend it. See below for details.

So if you are ready to find out how to make your own stickers, read on!

Materials required for Print and cut stickers:

  • Silhoutte Cameo + mat
  • Silhouette Studio Software
  • Printer
  • Full sheet self adhesive sticky backed paper - I used Evergreen Goods Ltd Matte White Paper. For convenience here is the LINK to the paper I used.

And would you believe it, that is all the materials you need!

print and cut sticker Project details

First of all, open and load up your Silhouette Studio software. You will need make sure your page is set up correctly for print and cut. To do this, select the registration marks tab in the page setup window. If you are unsure where the page setup window is, select the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a folded corner. This is located on the toolbar along the right hand side of the window.

When you have selected the registration mark tab you need to choose the 'style' for the page layout. If you are using a regular printer you will want to select type one. This will set your design window as an A4 sheet of paper along with the registration marks. These marks at the square and black lines in three of the corners. 

Once you have you page setup you can go on and design the your sticker. Choose the shape of your sticker wisely - you don't want it too big and over cumbersome. But at the same time your don't want it to small to read! I choose a circle shape for my stickers with a diameter of 3.5cm. 

One tip I can give to make it SO much more easier when it comes to cutting, is to make sure the line outline shapes for the sticker are all the same colour. This colour should be completely different and separate to any other line colour in your sticker design. You do not need this line to have any weight, as this shape outline is purely the outline of your sticker telling silhouette where to cut. 

To print and cut:

If you are happy with your design then you are ready to print and cut! Print your design out onto your adhesive paper and mount this onto your cutting mat. Before sending it to cut, you need to make sure only your outline shape cuts and not your design inside. This is where the line colour comes in handy. Select the line tab action in the send panel. Make sure only the colour of your outline line is ticked, uncheck the rest.

Adjust your cut settings accordingly - you may wish to do a test cut first, as you want it to cut through the top layer of your paper, but not through the backing paper. For the paper I used in the above material sections, I used the cut settings as followed:

Blade: 1      Speed: 8     Force: 14       Pass: 1

However, this could vary for your machine, so please test it first! When you are ready, send it to your machine to cut.

Hopefully it will automatically find your registration marks. However, if it doesn't don't worry. You can manually do this by using the arrows by the test button. This moves your cutting blade and you need to position this over your black square in the top left corner. Then press register!

The finished print and cut stickers:

What is great with these stickers is their versatility. You can use them to help personalise your packaging, especially useful if you sell at any craft fairs. It can help make your products look more professional. I like to use them to put on the back of my handmade cards and crafty creations. I think it is a great way to show the recipients of your gifts how it was made!

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*this post was NOT sponsored, requested, or paid for; I have written it because I wanted to. The information provided is based on my own personal experience. I am not an expert and I do not work for these companies. 

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