My first post

My first post

I thought it was about time I put up a post, but it is not as easy to do the first one as you might think!

Last weekend, I went on a little online shopping spree after watching some Jenny McQuire ink YouTube videos. It opened my eyes to the vast amount of new techniques there are with card making. Unfortunately, I wanted to try them all at once, but I do not have the supplies or equipment for them hence a little shopping spree commenced.

One thing I took note of was how Sizzix dies (or any other manufacturers, I have used others on my machine) can also be used to emboss card instead of just die cutting. However, this is an area where I am lacking the equipment to do so, and I am now waiting for my order from Amazon to arrive. To emboss a die on a sizzix machine (I have the Sizzix big shot plus machine), you need a silicone mat. Now I have order Sizzix's own Silicone Rubber mat, but as far as I could see they do not produce the size for the plus machine, instead just the standard big shot.  

One good thing with Sizzix is the platforms and their adapters have a clear picture/information stating what equipment is need for each use of the machine.

20161103_191400  Instructions on Adapter B

On the plus adapter B sheet, to emboss thinlits and triplits their impressions pad is also needed; this is on order as well!

Now it just shows that if I had paid attention to these instructions on the adapters/platform when I first got the machine, I would have been aware I could emboss my dies earlier on. We all learn somehow; it just took me a little longer! When these have arrived I will tried out the embossing technique I will let you know my thoughts on the technique in another post.  

A few other items I ordered and have already arrived are those seen in the post image, WOW embossing powders. I went with these as they seemed reasonably well priced and I needed to start somewhere. I did not order these from Amazon as I would have had to pay a ridiculous P&P as all the colours I liked where from separate independent sellers. I ordered from Chloes Creative cards who had a flat rate P&P of £1.75 not matter how much I ordered. I have had a brief play around with them but I am waiting on my clear versamark Ink (also on order!) to truly evaluate their colours and how well they work as I have only been able to apply them to colour inks, not really giving a true reflection on their colour when heat embossed. However from first impressions the silver emboss powder has a lovely matt silver finish to it when dried!

The last items I ordered are for my new Silhouette Mint machine. If you have not heard of the machine before it allows you to design your own stamps in its own software, then 'mint' the design on to Silhouette Americas Mint stamp material. This can be applied to a stamp holder which attaches to a stamp block. The stamp block is interchangeable with different stamp holders of the same size. The benefit of Silhouette Mint is it allows you to print customized stamps, but also to stamp with more than one colour - something I have not tried yet. 



Here are the first two stamps I made with my Mint machine. When you buy the machine it comes with 4 inks (red, blue, yellow and ink). Now Silhouette says only their inks can been used on the stamps and cannot use traditional ink pads. Silhouette inks are liquid which you pipette over your stamp and allow to sink into the stamp for around 10 minutes. I have order a few more different colours, however I have noticed a view YouTube videos trying alternate inks with Mint stamps which I am going to look into in the future.

Well that is all for now; it has been more of a general talk about my crafting this week rather than focused on one topic, but I hope to try and include guided posts, tips and tutorials and reviews in the future. Enjoy!



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