Minc Machine by Heidi Swapp – my first impressions

Minc Machine by Heidi Swapp – my first impressions

I recently bought an Minc machine and it arrived today! This is just a quick post on my first impressions with the machine. When it arrived the parcel was quite compact, so one thing is for sure, you do not feel like you have a lot of wasted packaging. Inside the box there is one Minc machine, an instruction booklet, a 12 x 12 inch transfer folder, one sample sheet of Gold foil and three pre-made ready to foil tags.


My initial impression was the sheet of foil was quite small; as I bought this as a starter kit I thought there would have been a little bit more foil in it to start. In addition, the transfer folder had a bend in it due to the way it was packaged, as the machine is quite slim it was folded in half. This is not a huge problem as you just need to flatten it out with a heavy object and running it through the machine several times will help with it to. However, if you want to use it straight out of the box, the kink can be a little annoying trying to place the foil over the top of your project without it moving.

For my first go I decided to foil one of the pre-made ready to foil tags. In order for the foil to adhere to the design, it must be printed using a laser printer or photocopier as the foil will adhere to the toner when both are heated together – this will not work on inkjet printed projects.


The foil needs to be placed over the toner areas that you want to foil. I could have placed one big piece of foil over the whole tag and then saved the left over foil that would not have adhered between the bottom and top of this tag, but I decided to cut the foil down beforehand. I have to say that it would have been easier to do this after on a small project like this as I found it harder to keep the foil in place when closing the transfer folder. However, on bigger project cutting it before would work just as well as cutting it after to save the unused foil.


Once you have the foil in place close the transfer fold and make sure any wrinkles or bubbles are smoothed out; this will effect the look and outcome of your project if you leave these in. Using the correct heat setting, the instruction book has a handy table as a guide as to which heat setting to use depending on the medium you are using, and once the machine has turned from ready to green it is time to feed it through and allow the machine to work its magic!


Finally comes the best part, peeling the foil away to reveal your newly transformed project, all shinny and glam!


As you can see with the negative image from the left over foil I could have trimmed down the block of foil I used to cover the ‘for you’ sentiment to prevent less wastage. However I wont be throwing it away in case I have small area that needs covering in the future! Every scrap counts!


Over all I am really pleased at the finish. The coverage is even and looks very professional. It will be interesting to see how a design and print of my own will fair and whether the quality of the medium used for the design will affect the finish.


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