Mason Jar Decal

Mason Jar Decal

I mentioned a few weeks ago, my vinyl stash grew substantially and I have been looking for projects to use it on. If I wasn't renting, then I would probably think about doing a nice wall decal with it, but I cant alter the walls here! So when I was in Home Bargains I noticed a small little mason jar style drinks container. It was only 59p and I thought why not jazz that up with some vinyl, so I did! Today I am going to show you how quick and easy it is to do.

Materials required:

  • Plain drinks container - can be glass or plastic. (If you want to use the same one as I, it is the glass mason juice jar from Home Bargains)
  • Adhesive vinyl. This can be regular sign vinyl - for most Americans refer to this as 631, doesn't need to need to withstand weather conditions like 651 does. 
  • Vinyl cutting machine - I have a Silhouette Cameo 2.
  • Design software - I use Silhouette America software. 
  • Transfer tape
  • Tweezers or other tools for weeding
  • Scraper for burnishing

Step 1:

Measure the area you are going to place you design on to. In your design software, draw a box using the measurements from the jug, this allows you to know how  big you can make you design so it will fit on your jar nicely.

A useful  tool for making sure you text aligns when you have multiple text boxes, is the align tool. It will align any groups you select with each other. Here I aligned the above three groups of text so they were centered over one another. This saves you doing it manually on the mug*. 

*You should note that I cut happy out in another colour, so I did manually align this on the jar, all other words were aligned on the software. 

Step 2:

Cut out your text in the vinyl colour of your choosing and cut according to your machine software. I was cutting my text out in two colours, so I made sure I moved the corresponding text in the software to match where I had placed the vinyl on my cutting mat.

Step 3:

Using your tweezers or any other tools you have for weeding, remove all the vinyl leaving your design still attached to the backing sheet. 

Step 4:

Cut a piece of transfer tape large enough to cover the design and place over the top of the vinyl. Using your scraper tool, burnish the vinyl to adhere to the transfer tape.

Peel the vinyl backing off, if any of your vinyl starts coming away from the transfer tape with the backing, recover and burnish some more. 

Once complete, your vinyl design should be on your transfer tape with the white backing removed, as seen below. 

Step 5:

Fill your jar with water, not right to the top, but higher enough to give you a point to align your design with to place it straight. It is difficult to see in the picture below, but the water level is just at the top of the transfer tape. It was easy enough to see in person, but if you are struggling to see it, try adding a little bit of paint to dye the water to make it more visible. 

Step 6:

Using your scraper again, burnish the vinyl onto the glass. If when pulling the transfer tape off, the vinyl comes along too, recover and burnish some more. Small fiddly text can take a little longer to burnish, so be patient.

Once you have adhered your design allow the vinyl to 'cure'. The longer you leave it the better, a couple of days is ideal. You must note that this cannot be placed in the dishwasher, to clean gently hand wash as the design will fall off in the dishwasher.

I hope you have enjoyed this and inspires you to try making your only mason jar decal! As always, don't forget to follow the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest to keep up to date.

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