Layering foil with your printed designs: A how to guide!

Layering foil with your printed designs: A how to guide!

The option to use multiple colours of foil in one project is simple as you only place the foil over the areas you want to foil, so cut small enough pieces you can do multiple colours. However, what if you have a design with two layers which you wish to foil in different colours, is it possible? Yes and I have simple how to guide here right for you!

Materials needed:

  • Heat reactive foil
  • Laser printer
  • Silhouette cameo or other electronic cutter – however this is not essential as you can cut out by hand.
  • Minc machine or laminator

Step 1:

Design your image with multiple layers to seperate the areas you wish to foil different colours from one another. Select your base layer only and make the other layers invisible (no fill), so only the base layer prints out as below. If designing you project in silhouette, ensure you add the print and cut registration marks to cut out later.

Step 2:

Apply the foil colour to the base layer and send through your Minc machine of laminator.


Step 3:

Place you sheet back into your printer the correct way up to print the second layer of the top of the base layer. Make sure you have made the base layer invisble (no fill) and filled the second layer in black. 

Here the second layer has printed out black on top of the first foiled layer.


Step 4:

Now when you add foil over the top and send through your Minc or laminator, it will only adhere to the areas of toner that is visible to react in the heat. 

I have only done two layers but you could go on to do a third. However be careful not to over heat your foiled layers as they could start to spoil.

Step 5:

Using your print and cut registration marks cut the design out using the Silhouette Cameo, if you do not have this cut using scissors. 

This has increased the versatility of heat reactive foils and gives a great look to any project!


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