In the spotllight!

I want to try and do an post at least once a month, possibly more if I have time, that will hopefully inspire or highlight a new technique, crafter or blogger to you.

Today I want to highlight a video from Jennifer McGuire Ink. I may have mentioned her before and I find she is very knowledgeable and great for inspiration!  This video shows how you  can use your simple die cutters to produce an interesting and effective card with little effort, by stacking your die cut-outs with a gradual offset. The more uses you can find out of one piece of equipment the better as it makes it more of an economical buy, that is if you need an excuse to buy craft tools!


Links: Stacked Die Cuts video      

       Stacked Die Cuts tutorial


I hope to try this in the future myself and when I do, I will show you the outcome!



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