Foiled Print and Cut Birthday card

Foiled Print and Cut Birthday card

Hey, so glad you popped along for today's post! As card makers we can all struggle trying to make a masculine card. The habit to over embellish and add so much colour to card is never very appealing to a man. However, I like to think I struck a balance with this card. By keeping the design simple and using a monotone colour scheme I was able to create this football foiled print and cut birthday card.  

The recipient of this card loves football, and I still wanted to give a card that had some of my design elements to it. Therefore, the best way for me to stick to both parts of the brief was to combine a simple football design with a masculine coloured foil. This gunmetal foil from Heidi Swapp to me is like a Silver equivalent of the Rose Gold. It has a great shine to it, but has a duller look to it compared to a normal silver foil, as though a little tarnished. It was perfect colour for this card. 

Materials Required for Foiled Print and cut birthday card project:

  • Minc Machine or a laminator
  • Heat reactive foil in the colour of your choosing. As I mentioned I used Heidi Swapp Gunmetal Foil for this project. 
  • Laser toner printer
  • Silhouette Cameo and mat
  • Double sided tape
  • Foam tape

Foiled Print and cut birthday card project details

In the silhouette studio software, I created a box measuring at 5.5" x 4.25" as the space to create my design. When I was happy with the background design, I welded the design to the edge of the box - this cut off any part of the footballs that didn't fall with the design space. 

To create the die cut sentiment, I positioned my sentiment over the background where I wanted the sentiment to sit. Once I was happy with the position I added an offset. I created a smaller additional sentiment in a simple black box with white text. 

Before I cut the design out I had to print and foil it. To do this, make sure all areas that you want to foil are coloured in black. You must print your design out on a laser toner printer - the foil will not adhere to inkjet print outs. If you do not have a toner printer, you could print it out normally and the photocopy it at your local stationers. 

Tips on hot foiling:

To get the best foil finish, use a very smooth paper or card. The 'rougher' the surface the poor the foil. 

I sent this project through my minc machine on heat setting 3. If you are using a laminator, make sure you allow your machine to heat up and get quite hot to ensure a good foil 

Cutting the project:

When you are ready to cut your foiled design, send it through your silhouette cameo. It is important to make sure you have the right cut lines highlighted - you don't want it to start cutting out each design element in your background design. Select the outline of your background and the large sentiment to cut - both the offset and the sentiment itself. In addition, only highlight the box outline of the small sentiment to cut, you don't want the word to cut out!

Assemble your card with double sided tape. To give added interest I used foam tape to raise both sentiments. 

From the leftovers of the previous card, I created a second card. The offset cut out could be used on a plain matching foiled background to create a sentiment - just don't forget to keep the inners!

I hope this has shown how you can still create masculine cards with a bit of hot foiling. You all know I like to add foil to my projects when I can! Why not have a go yourself and let me know how you get on down below?

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