Foiled Photo Wall Art

Foiled Photo Wall Art

Hi there! I hope you have been enjoying the bank holiday weekend and managed to find time to craft a new project. I follow Heidi Swapp on Blog Lovin' and she recently posted how she had designed wedding invites. These weren't ordinary invites, they had a photo with foiled writing. By using two printers, an inkjet and toner, you can add foil to any designed paper project. My eyes were suddenly opened to even more of the Minc machine's versatility. I started to think, this would be great to make a photo into wall art with foiled writing.  I can tell you it is so easy to do; to find out how to create this Foiled Photo Wall Art, read on!

Materials required:

  • Design software - this project was designed in Silhouette America software, but you could use Photoshop, Corel Draw, GIMP, Inkjet and so many more! If you can add layers to a design in the software, it will work. 
  • Inkjet printer
  • Toner printer - if you do not have access to this, you could save your design and go to a local office store to get this printed in toner. It is important to note without access to toner this project will not work.
  • Heat reactive foils - This project used Heidi Swapp Light Rose foil. 
  • Minc Machine - If you don't have access to one, you can use a laminator but you will have to adjust times depending on how hot the machine can get.

Project details:

After selecting the photo you wish to use as the base of your wall art, open this up in your design software. When adding your text, you need put this into a new layer - this is an important step for when you print later. In the Silhouette software, you will find this option on the right-hand side bar, in the Beta 4 update. 

If you are happy with your layout, colour the text black and you are then ready to print. You need to access the layer window for this step. Both layers will have an eye in a box to the left of each layer. This shows that both layers are visible. For printing on your inkjet printer, you only want your photo layer visible. 

In the layer box, deselect the writing layer by clicking the eye to the left of it. For my project, the writing was layer two.  As a result, the eye will disappear and so will the writing from your project. Don't worry, your writing hasn't gone! It is currently invisible and when you print, only the visible layers will print. 

Once your photo has printed, you need to make the writing layer visible, so click where the eye was and it will appear again. So too will your writing on the project. Now you just need to make your photo layer invisible by clicking on the eye to the left of this layer, here layer 1. 

For the foils to react when sent through the Minc, the writing must be printed in toner ink. Therefore, if you don't have a toner printer, you can print the writing onto a blank piece of paper and take this to your local office store. Here you can ask them to photocopy this onto your printed photo in toner ink. 

For those with a toner printer, you simple insert your printed photo into your toner printer, and print the writing only. 

Finishing touches:

Ensure all the toner design is covered by heat reactive foil and send through the minc machine. The foil will only react with the toner ink under heat and pressure, but not the inkjet design.

Because of this simple technique, it is easy to add foil detail to photos, invites, cards and so much more. Creating Foiled Photo Wall Art is just one of them! It can add a touch of elegance to any of your projects. Have a go and let me know how you get on!

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