Double sided adhesive paper – Glittered Happy Birthday Card

Double sided adhesive paper – Glittered Happy Birthday Card

Whilst I was out in town I visited Abakhan, which if you are into sewing is a great shop for a wide range of fabrics. In addition, they also stock some other items for various different crafts and whilst I was in there I stumbled across some double sided adhesive tape sheets by Stix 2. I have seen double sided tape sheets being used in various different projects, though the brand always used or mentioned is usually Stick it!  rather than what I had found. Although not the same brand, I wanted to get some to give it ago and see how I could use it.

This card is the first card I have used it with and I have certainly learnt a few things for next time!

Materials required:

  • Patterned paper for the background – The paper I used came from a pack that was free with Making Cards magazine. The pack was called All That Glitters and Best friends, I think this was a December issue though possibly November. Certainty before Christmas as there are Christmas sheets in the pack.
  • Double sided adhevsive tape sheets – I used Stick 2.
  • White card stock for the base card, measuring at 4″ 1/4 x 5″ 1/2. I made my card a top folding card.
  • Glitter – I used ultra fine glitter Pot Black by Oakwood Archer.
  • Sequins (assorted sequins black collection from The Range) and pearl stick on embellishments (The Craft Set Company).
  • Double sided foam tape – recently bought some from ‘Poudnworld’ and this is holding up much better than the last foam tape I had from The Works.
  • A large sentiment die and die cutting machine, or if you are like me and have very few large sentiment dies, you can use Silhouette Cameo to cut out your sentiment.
  • Masking or Washi tape
  • Adhesive glue – Dovecraft Ultimate Craft Glue
  • Black card for stamped sentiment.
  • Stamp sentiment
  • Versamark Ink
  • White Embossing Powder – I used WOW! Opaque bright white super fine.
  • Heat gun

Step 1:

Cut your background paper down to 4″x by 5″ 1/2. This will give a nice 1/8″ border either side.

Step 2:

Cut out your sentiment in the double sided adhesive tape sheet. As I do not have any large die sentiments, I designed my sentiment in the Silhouette America Software and cut with my cameo. If you are going to do this as well, there several things you need to know!

The paper that you will eventually peel off the double sided tape sheet have a very smooth slippy surface. Although your mat maybe sticky, the blade may easily move the sheet over the mat and not cut properly. As this happened to me, I tried using some tape to adhere it down to the mat more and slowed the speed of the cut right down to 1. I used a blade depth 10 to ensure the design would be cut all the way through making it easier to weed.

Step 3: 

Peel off one side of paper off the double sided sheet, and position the sentiment on your background. I placed my sentiment at the edge and off center to give a nice focal point.

Step 4: 

Peel off the other layer of paper on the double sided sentiment and cover with glitter. It is a good idea to push the glitter into the tape and burnish to adhere the glitter well.

Step 5:

Cut a thin strip large enough for your small sentiment and cut a triangle out of one end to make a pennant style flag. Stamp your sentiment with versamark ink and cover with the embossing powder. Set this with your heat gun.

Step 6:

Apply adhesive to the back of the small sentiment and adhere below the large sentiment. Using the double sided foam tape, apply to the back of the background sheet and apply to the card, leaving a 1/8″ border either side.

To finish off add sequins and embellishments, adhering with glue adhesive. A triangle formation for embellishments is pleasing on the eye or an odd number to avoid it looking too symmetrical and uniform.

This card has used a few techniques, but at the same time gives a very elegant style card that is not too busy. Using a pre-made background paper allows you to experiment and use other techniques to enhance the look.

I hope this has inspired you and you go onto produce a card just as pretty and modern as this one. As always, don’t forget to follow the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest!

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