Custom Stamped Backgrounds

Custom Stamped Backgrounds

It is so nice to have a few days off with the bank holiday this weekend! Although, I had some time off at the beginning of the week as family were visiting. Hence, why it has been a little quiet on the blog this week; I been very busy, but it wasn't very craft related! Today, I want to show you how easy it is to get more from your stamps by creating your own custom stamped backgrounds. Using multiple stamps of different sizes you can create unique and colourful backgrounds for any card.

Materials required:

  • White card base measuring at 5" 1/2 x 4" 1/4
  • White card
  • Black card
  • Selection of stamps
  • Acrylic blocks or a stamping platform - I used We R Memory Keepers Precision Press
  • A sheet of fun foam
  • Inks - the inks I used were a combination of pigment and dye inks. 
  • Paper trimmer
  • Sentiment stamp - I used an Avery Elle ST -16-01 Sentimental set. 
  • Foam tape
  • Double sided adhesive tape

Step 1:

Trim the white card down to 5" 1/4 x 4". Place a piece of scrap paper underneath the card so you can stamp off the edge of the card without ruining your craft mat if using dye inks. 

Place this on top of a piece of fun foam. This is to help when stamping to get a more even smooth print. It is not essential if you do not have this to hand.

Step 2:

Keep stamping the pattern, changing the colour of ink and the shape you are using. It is best to stamp in three's - or an odd number, and try to stamp in a triangular pattern. This helps to prevent stamping in a rigid repeating pattern.

Don't worry if the shapes overlap or you have some white spaces left, this can be filled with smaller stamps. 

Step 3:

Use a small shape stamp to fill in small white spaces to reduce the amount of negative space. However, not every gap needs to be filled as it could look too busy. 

Step 4:

Trim a piece of white card down for the sentiment strip. Stamp the sentiment using an acrylic block. If you have a stamp platform, this can be used to get a good even stamp. If not all the stamp is printed the first time, you can re-ink and stamp again in the exact same position.  It can be difficult to stamp in the same position over writing with an acrylic block, so this is where a stamp platform is useful!

Step 5:

A stamping platform is also a great tool to allow you to line up other sentiments before you stamp. Position on the paper where you wish the stamp to be, close the platform and it will pick up the stamp. Apply ink and close again, stamping the sentiment in the position you wanted. 

Step 6:

Trim a piece of black card to 5" 1/2 x 4" 1/4 and apply to the card base with double sided tape. Apply double sided tape to the back of your stamped background and adhered down to the black card giving a "1/8 border. 

Apply foam tape to the back of the sentiment strip and apply to the front of the card.

Creating this card was so quick and easy. It can easily be changed to suit any stamp set you have, and hardly involves any expensive tools if you don't want it too. 

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Till next time!

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