Custom Embossed Wrapping Paper

Custom Embossed Wrapping Paper

So glad you popped by for today's post.  It is a nice quick post, as this is such a quick and fun project to make your own custom embossed wrapping paper. When you give a gift, especially a handmade one, it is even nicer to give it in unique handmade wrapping paper. Using this technique you can do just that!

Materials required:

  • Brown parcel paper
  • Stamp
  • Versmark ink or other embossing ink
  • Embossing powder - This project used WOW! Embossing powder Black Twinkle embossing glitter. A great way to add shine and sparkle to your presents!
  • Heat gun
  • Anti-static powder
  • Acrylic block

As an alternative to using a pre-made stamp, you could make a stamp out of a die. For this you will need:

  • Die cutting machine
  • Die of your choice
  • Fun foam
  • Re-positional double sided tape

To make the custom stamp, die cut out of fun foam and mount onto your acrylic block with re-positional tape. Once you have finished stamping, make sure you give you block a good clean with an alcohol wipe or nail varnish remover to clear the glue. 

Custom Embossed Wrapping Paper Project Details:

First of all you should brush your anti-static powder over the brown parcel paper, giving it a good coating. This will hopefully stop embossing powder sticking to areas where you don't want it too. 

Having mounted your stamp onto your acrylic block, apply versamark and stamp off onto your paper. Repeat several times in different positions. Cover the stamped areas with embossing powder and knock any excess powder off. 

You may want to use a small brush to wipe away any stray bits of powder before you heat set it with a gun. Repeat the process several times until you are happy with the over all look. I found that I didn't get too much warping with the brown parcel paper and even if I did, it was not noticeable when I came to wrap the presents! I love how the Black Twinkle embossing glitter by WOW! Embossing Powders shined as it caught the light, giving some add sparkle to the present.

If you have any left over paper, you could even use it to make a matching gift tag. Why not have a go making your own wrapping paper for your next gift. It is easy to make and you can easily find the supplies in your craft room! 

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