Crafting dilemma: Sticky scissors

Crafting dilemma: Sticky scissors

Hi and welcome back! This is a nice quick post hopefully providing you with a solution to a crafting dilemma - sticky scissors!

No matter how hard you try to keep your scissors clean, you are bound to get sticky adhesive building up on the blades. After a while, cutting with them is useless and you'll start to ruin your paper. 

Well, there is an easy simple solution: Nail varnish remover! Rub nail varnish remover over the blades with a cotton ball and the sticky residue starts to loosen and wipes away. Just see for yourself below!


It is best to use nail varnish remover that contains acetone, as it is the acetone that loosens the adhesive on your sticky scissors. 

Now I shouldn't really have to say this as we are all adults, but be careful of your scissors blades when cleaning and use the nail varnish removed in a ventilated room. If you don't have nail varnish removed, little alcohol wipes that you get in first aid packs work just as well. This little solution will have you scissors back in tip top working shaping in minutes!

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