Crafting Dilemma: Clear stamps losing their stick!

Crafting Dilemma: Clear stamps losing their stick!

Today I am just showing you a little video and solution to annoying little problem: cling/clear stamps losing their stick! (Please bare in mind, I am no videographer and these videos are very basic!)

Do you find after a while your clear or cling stamps loose their stick and no longer say on your acrylic block, like in the video below?

Well this can easily be fixed! It is all about how you clean your stamps. You will notice they start to lose the stickability (I know that is made up but it works!) when dust, lint and general craft room muck adheres to the stamp. When this happens, either clean the stamp under running water or take a damp cloth and clean the outside. You don't need to add any soaps/cleaners to it and especially don't use any soaps that hand moisturisers etc in them as that is just adding a oily substance to the surface, which will increase the probability of them not sticking.

Once you have cleaned the stamp with plain old water allow to air dry - Dont use a towel as you will just put lint right back on there!

In the video below you can see the clear stamp sticks to the block again and does not fall off after just cleaning under a running tap and leaving to air dry. 

This shows just what you need to prevent a disaster occurring by your stamp falling onto your project and ruining it! So try this simple easy tip on any of your stamps and they should stick once again. 

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