All Embossed – You’re the best!

All Embossed – You’re the best!

Hello and welcome to today's post! Today I am highlighting this ‘all embossed’ card I created with a monochromatic colour scheme. Initially I was inspired to try and make an Art Deco style card, hence why I choose the black and gold colour scheme. However, I couldn't find a suitable stamp in my collection that could mimic Art Deco. Instead I decided to use a triplet of arrows to create a repeating geometric background.

This card can easily be adapted to any colour scheme or stamps you have in your collection, and it takes no time at all to create.

Materials required:

  • Card base - this card measures at 5" 3/4 X 4" 1/4 
  • Black card stock
  • Embossing ink - This project used Versamark Ink
  • Embossing powder - This project used docafts Papermania Gold embossing powder.
  • Heat gun
  • Repeating stamps - This project used docrafts Creativity Essentials A5 clear stamps set - Capsule Collection - Neon to create the background.
  • Sentiment stamp - This project used Elizabeth Craft Designs General Sentiments Clear Stamps set. 
  • Acrylic block
  • Paper trimmer
  • Foam tape

All Embossed Card details

To start the card, I selected three stamps from the stamp set and had a play around on a scrap piece of paper. This allowed me figure out the repeating pattern I wanted to create for the background. I decided it was best to stamp the pattern on the diagonal, it is harder to tell if you have gone wonky compared to stamping horizontally or vertically. 

To ensure the pattern is evenly spaced apart, draw diagonal lines across the card lightly in a white pencil. I used these faint lines to line the stamps up and print with embossing ink. I stamped the pattern across the card, alternating the direction of the arrows to give added interest. 

After I had finished stamping the background I covered with embossing powder and heat set. Whilst you could heat set your background as you go along, this would start to warp you card. A warped card may make it a little more difficult to get a straight and clean stamp. 

Once I had completed the background I felt the card was a little flat just as it was. Then it occurred to me, the background needed to be framed! Although after trimming the background down giving a black frame from the card base, it still wasn't quite right. Instead, it needed to lie on a gold background. As the background was going to take up a large area on the card base, and I wanted the gold to match, I just used the same coloured embossing powder to create the frame.

After smearing my embossing ink pad around the edges of the card base, I covered with embossing powder and heat set. Voila! One make shift matching gold frame that took seconds.

I mounted the background on foam tape to give dimension to the card. Following this, I used a small scrap of remaining black card stock to create a matching sentiment, once more mounting with foam tape for further dimension.   

This card took no time at all and is quite an eye catching and striking card with its monochromatic design. I hope this card has highlighted how versatile embossing powders can be and I hope you will keep this in mind the next time you use embossing powders.

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