A simple how to guide to using the ‘We R memory Keepers punch board’

A simple how to guide to using the ‘We R memory Keepers punch board’

I have invested in a ‘We R memory Keepers’ envelope punch board as it can give me more flexibility when making cards, as I do not have to worry if I make a card completely from scratch I can now make a matching sized envelope to put it in. I bought my board through Amazon, currently on sale for £13.07 but can usually cost over £20.

The board itself is approx. 27cm by 19cm, quite a reasonable size to easily store away. It comes with a booklet giving instructions on one side, and an large print table of the measurements on the other. This is useful for those that may struggle to read the smaller print on the board.

Looking at the board itself there are several areas to point out. The list of measurements printed in the table on the board are in inches. If you need the measurements in centimeters the booklet contains these, but in addition you receive a separate list as a sticker which you can peel off and cover the inches measurements on the board. It gives you the flexibility to personalize the board to your preferences.


A plastic bone score comes included to make your score lines and can store away in the holder on the right side, ensuring you always have it to hand when starting a project. A ruler guide is located in the top left hand corner which has both inches and centimeters for either user. This ruler is used in your initial punch and score. The green button at the middle top of the board is your punch, and has two options. The forward facing punch allows you to create your notches in the envelope, and the reverse punch allows you to round off your edges to give a smooth appearance as opposed to a point – this will become clearer later on. I have also highlighted with the white circle the score guide. This is a very important guide to help with scoring the envelope, again will become clearer later.


For this guide I am using a pre-scored card. This card measures at 7.4cm x 7.4 cm (in inches it is just under 3×3). Using the measurement table in the instruction booklet as I am working in cm, I find the card size that is the same measurement or the closest to it; here I use the measurements for 7.6cm x 7.6cm as this is the closet card size. The table tells me I require a sheet that is 13.3cm x 13.3cm. Here I have just cut a plain piece of paper down to size for the demonstration. The table also informs me of the score line measurement I need to use for this card; it measures at 6.7cm.


I place my sheet on the board, and align the left hand side of the paper up along the ruler guide to 6.7cm (you score line measurement from the table).



Using the bone scorer, score the paper along the score line marker. Once scored press the green punch at the top of your sheet to punch a notch into the paper. Rotate the sheet COUNTER clockwise. score-line

When rotated, the score guide marker (the green arm jutting out from the punch button) needs to be lined up with your scored line in your sheet. Do NOT align the sheet up with your score line measurement on the ruler – this is only need for the first punch and score.


Once aligned, score and punch again. Repeat this process a further two times until you have four score lines and notches in place.


If you do not like the sharp points at the ends of your our flaps you can use the reverse punch to round off the corner. smooth-cornerRepeat the reverse punch 3 more times for all corners. Apply your adhesive to one side of two flaps and adhere the flaps together to form an envelope as seen below.


I hope this has been useful and may have highlighted a tool you were unaware of. It is certainly a useful piece of kit to have if you like to make custom cards. This score board can allow you to make envelops for cards 5.19 cm x 9 cm (Gift card) ) up to 12.cm x 21.6cm.

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